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Beef Oriental Sausages, Fresh

105.00 EGP 0.5kg
Fresh Beef Oriental Sausages with 15 Herbs & spices added to it, delicious if you like the herbs & spices overpowering the meat; free range, chemical free

Beef Strips / Stir Fry, Fresh

115.00 EGP 0.5kg
Fresh Beef Strips / Stir Fry. Free range, chemical free.

Boneless Chicken, Whole

85.00 EGP 1.250kg
Whole Boneless 1,250 kg Chicken with Skin

Chicken Breast Boneless

85.00 EGP 1kg
Boneless Chicken Breasts in 1 kilogram pack.

Chicken Liver

65.00 EGP 1.5kg
Fresh Chicken Livers from White Flesh Chicken 1kg

Chicken livers

27.50 EGP 0.5kg
Chicken livers

Chicken Offal (2awaness)

50.00 EGP 1kg
Mixed Chicken Offal (Hearts and Gizzards) from White Flesh Chicken 1kg

Small Whole Chicken

65.00 EGP 1.250g
Small Whole Chicken weight 1.250 kg