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Smoked Turkey Drumstick

108.00 EGP
DELICATESSE Smoked Turkey Drumstick in vacuum pack.

Smoked Chicken Thigh

40.00 EGP
DELICATESSE Smoked Chicken Thigh Whole in vacuum pack.

Smoked Chicken Breast (Whole)

80.00 EGP
DELICATESSE Whole Smoked Chicken Breast in vacuum pack.

Smoked Chicken Breast (Sliced)

72.00 EGP
DELICATESSE Smoked Chicken Breast sliced in vacuum pack.

Smoked Turkey Breast

76.00 EGP
DELICATESSE Smoked Turkey Breast Sliced in vacuum pack.

Smoked Roast Beef

82.00 EGP
DELICATESSE Smoked Roast Beef in vacuum pack

Smoked Duck Breast

70.00 EGP
DELICATESSE Smoked Duck Breast in vacuum pack

Smoked Beef Tongue

90.00 EGP
DELICATESSE Smoked Beef Tongue in vacuum packs

Boneless Chicken, Whole

85.00 EGP 1.250kg
Whole Boneless 1,250 kg Chicken with Skin