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Smoked Beef Tongue – لسان بقري مدخن

90.00 EGP
DELICATESSE Smoked Beef Tongue in vacuum packs

Smoked Chicken Thigh – فخذ دجاج مدخن

40.00 EGP
DELICATESSE Smoked Chicken Thigh Whole in vacuum pack.

Smoked Duck Breast – صدر بط مدخن

70.00 EGP
DELICATESSE Smoked Duck Breast in vacuum pack

Smoked Roast Beef – روست بيف مدخن

82.00 EGP
DELICATESSE Smoked Roast Beef in vacuum pack

Smoked Turkey Breast – صدر ديك رومي مدخن

76.00 EGP
DELICATESSE Smoked Turkey Breast Sliced in vacuum pack.

Beef Burger, Fresh – برجر كندوز

100.00 EGP
Fresh aged Red Minced Beef, free range, chemical free

Beef Kofta, Fresh – كفتة كندوز

100.00 EGP
Fresh Beef Kofta, a mix of Mince meat, 20% fat and mixed spices. Free range, chemical free