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Beef Burger, Fresh

100.00 EGP 0.5kg
Fresh aged Red Minced Beef, free range, chemical free

Beef Cubes (Kabab 7alla), Fresh

120.00 EGP 0.5kg
Fresh aged Beef Cubes (Kabab 7alla), free range, chemical free

Beef Fillet (Tenderloin Steak), Fresh

175.00 EGP 0.5kg
Tenderloin Steak, the most tender piece of meat in the carcass, it says so in the name. It comes from the inner side of the loin. Very low in fat, also known as fillet. Free range, chemical free

Beef Kofta, Fresh

100.00 EGP 0.5kg
Fresh Beef Kofta, a mix of Mince meat, 20% fat and mixed spices. Free range, chemical free

Beef Mince 5%, Fresh

110.00 EGP 0.5kg
Fresh Beef Mince 5% fat, free range, chemical free.

Beef Oriental Sausages, Fresh

105.00 EGP 0.5kg
Fresh Beef Oriental Sausages with 15 Herbs & spices added to it, delicious if you like the herbs & spices overpowering the meat; free range, chemical free

Beef Strips / Stir Fry, Fresh

115.00 EGP 0.5kg
Fresh Beef Strips / Stir Fry. Free range, chemical free.

Boneless Whole Chicken

95.00 EGP 1.1kg
Chichen Boneless Whole

Chicken Breasts Boneless, Fresh

75.00 EGP 0.5kg
Fresh Chicken Breasts, free range, chemical free

Chicken Leg, boneless

94.50 EGP 1kg
Chicken Leg Boneless