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Our Best Products is an Egyptian web to door purchase & delivery service of premium fresh fruits & vegetables.
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Turkey Sausages, Fresh

67.50 EGP 0.5kg
Fresh Turkey Sausages, a blend of turkey mince, pomegranate molasses, salt, pepper, mixed spices and mustard. Free range, chemical free.

Shish Tawook, Fresh

75.00 EGP 0.5kg
Fresh Shish Tawook, free range, chemical free

Lamb Shish Kabab, Fresh

150.00 EGP 0.5kg
Fresh Lamb Shish Kabab, free range, chemical free

Merguez Sausages, Fresh

130.00 EGP 0.5kg
Fresh Lamb Merguez Sausages, free range, chemical free

Lamb Kofta, Fresh

117.50 EGP 0.5kg
Fresh Lamb Kofta, free range, chemical free

Lamb Burger, Fresh

117.50 EGP 0.5kg
Fresh Lamb Burger, free range, chemical free

Beef Kofta, Fresh

100.00 EGP 0.5kg
Fresh Beef Kofta, a mix of Mince meat, 20% fat and mixed spices. Free range, chemical free

Beef Oriental Sausages, Fresh

105.00 EGP 0.5kg
Fresh Beef Oriental Sausages with 15 Herbs & spices added to it, delicious if you like the herbs & spices overpowering the meat; free range, chemical free
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