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About us

We specialise in fresh produce grown in Egypt for export markets & meeting EU standards of produce quality and health.

Our operation is based on pack-to-order principle, thus your order will be harvested and packed for you and delivered to your doorstep within less than 24 hours from its harvest.

Our partners are known brand names in the agriculture and export of fresh produce from Egypt, experts in growing & packing fresh produce for international markets as well as hotels & restaurants in Egypt. They guarantee for us the delivery of your produce picked and packed for you.

Through our distribution point located in the city of Greater Cairo, we are able to minimize transport time and guarantee the maintenance of the quality of your order.
Our delivery fleet of vehicles are equipped to maintain the temperature of the products. Currently covering greater Cairo.

All you have to do is read our procedures and register as a customer with offah.com

About Makar Farms

Established in 1880, Ezbet MAKAR, has always been the avant-garde of agriculture in Egypt.

MakarIn the late 1940s, substantial crop changes were implemented by Georges MAKAR, an agricultural Engineer who studied at the prestigious University of Agricultural of Grignon in France.
Introduced new varieties unknown to the Egyptian consumer were introduced (lettuces, frisee, scarole, together with herbs such as tarragon, thyme etc...)

Mounir MAKAR is a banker and an economist who took up farming as a hobby after the farm was passed down from his father. Farming soon developed into a passion for MAKAR, a passion which continuously leads him to develop new varieties, crops and techniques. MAKAR's biggest obstacle is the summer heat.

As a result, Makar farms have become the place to find assortments of vegetables and herbs that are rarely found in Egypt. Whether you are looking for broccoli, thyme, tarragon, brussel sprouts, cherry tomatoes, asparagus or "uncommon" salad varieties, you can be sure to find them on our farms.
Also MAKAR farms have been producing Asparagus for more than 40 years. Today, we proudly present three colors, red, green and white Asparagus. Our trials on Broccoli were successful in the early 70s, together with the Brussels sprouts. Herbs as fresh thyme, chives, various varieties of basil, tarragon etc… can accompany sophisticated recipes.
This year we have introduced Sorrel and Mustard leaves and every year we work on adapting new varieties to the Egyptian environment.The purpose of our operation is to cater for all major International Hotels and tourist establishments in Egypt. We have also worked in order for the Egyptian consumer to discover new tastes and flavors.

It is perhaps the combination of innovation, technology and imagination that makes our products so unique, tasty and more importantly so accessible in Egypt."

About PICO

‘To meet customers’ need through innovative agriculture with consistent high quality & personal attention’

PicoEstablished in 1984, PICO has managed to fulfil its mission of introducing and adding to Egypt’s export basket (strawberry, grapes, stone fruits and many more. Providing their high quality fruits to all import markets in UK, Europe, South Africa, Far East and the Gulf. PICO’s main target is consumer satisfaction with early, high quality fruit.
Today, PICO is market leader & trendsetter among the leading agriculture companies in he region through introduction of new agriculture techniques, varieties as well as up to date management systems.
PICO’s international standards meet the highest specifications of UK & European supermarkets, who confirm their satisfaction through regular programs and visits.
PICO is committed to high standards of social and environmental responsibility and is aiming at continuous improvements, as retailers and consumers focus more and more on responsible sourcing. PICO is registered with SEDEX, the complete self assessment tools as well as ETI audit reports are available on SEDEX website.

PICO is known worldwide for:

  • PICO Strawberry: Very simply, PICO has the highest quality Strawberries in the region! 

With a full basket of varieties including Tamar, Suzanna, Festival, Sweet Charlie, Winter Dawn, Ruby Gem, Red Delight and a trial plot loaded with lines and selections from international breeding programs including the University of Florida as well as the Red Eva breeding program.

  • PICO Grapes: Over the years PICO has continuously grown it volume growth in table grapes through introduction of a wide range of varieties (in production or trials) from international breeders including Manchester farms.

PICO grows more than 60% of its grapes on plastic covered vineyards, thus guaranteeing the early arrival of the product on the market as well as improving grapes bunch quality significantly. Sugarone, Early Sweet, Flame and Crimson are harvested milky green and red colour. Bunches are packed at weights ranging from 300 to 500 g per bunch.

  • PICO Stone Fruits: PICO yellow and white flesh Peach and Nectarine varieties harvested as early as the last week of March. Varieties are source from a wide range of famous breeders around the world, including the Florida program.
  • PICO’s Loquats is a very popular fruit and in high demand in the ME and Southern European markets, with its high sugar content and long shelf life. Harvest starts as early as March and continues till mid May


About Bustan Aquaponics

Bustan Aquaponics is the 1st aquaponics farm in Egypt and one of the pioneers in this field in the world. Bustan provides the highest quality premium fresh Tilapia along with insecticide & pesticide free fresh produce. All lovingly grown and selected for you.

Bustan Aquaponics uses a truly remarkable, environmentally friendly, sustainable method of growing that uses absolutely no pesticides, insecticides, growth hormones or any other harmful chemical. This results in the most colorful, aromatic and delicious fish and vegetables in the market

About Minnie's Dried Fruits & Vegetables

Founded in 2010 in Egypt, Minnie's Dried Fruits & Vegetables uses solar energy to produce high quality dried products, provides training and employement for underpriviliged women in Rural areas. Minnie's Dried Fruits &Vegetables are 100% natural,no added sugar, chemicals, preservatives or flavor enhancers.



About Malak's Honey

"Malak's Honey" has many benefits for young and old. It is raw, unfiltered, with no preservatives or additives, making it ideal for medicinal purposes and a formidable immunity system builder.Turning Malak's Honey, a healthy and organic produce, into a modern and health-conscious enterprise that uses all profits from the sale of Malak's Honey to help carefully selected Egyptian charities with a primary focus on cancer treatments.




About Jana

 Jana is an organic company based on exporting fresh fruits and vegetables all around the world  since 2003. It has gained great trust in the  European market in countries such as Denmark,  Germany, France , Belgium, Sweden, Netherlands, also it has been exporting to  Russia,  Canada  and alot of arab countries.
 Jana grows it's own products in it's farms and packs in it's pack houses which undergoes continuous inspection and auditing from various European  organization to ensure and sustain the organic and unique quality of it's products.



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